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    Posted on July 29, 2015 by in Meditation, Sahaja Yoga

    August 22 2015 SeminarWe have our meditations each day at home, but also at least once a week we get together in the early evening and if you come, we take you through the basics of getting started. Our class is in two formats:
    A beginner type class and we learn about the energy centers, Kundalini energy, and the basics of how to keep our energy centers in balance.
    An advanced class where we learn how to clean and correct deeper problems within our selves, use the elements and how to help others at a subtle level.
    How can it be Free Meditation?
    There is a small group of very deep instructors in Saskatchewan who have been meditating for many years and we donate a small amount of money every month, which goes into paying for the rental of the halls, etc. So we don’t have to pay that much, we don’t use an office space and we are a registered non profit. Once you experience great joy in this meditation, you basically want to share it.

    And if one says he/she wants to share the mastery of something, then how can one take money for it? That is trading, not sharing, not teaching …

    Can I really get my Enlightenment by doing Free Meditation?
    When you complete an introductory course, it is just the beginning of your journey. There are many twists and turns that can slow your path to Enlightenment or throw you off-balance, you really need someone to help you along the way. There are so many more things to learn and I guarantee that if you really want your Self Realzation or Enlightenment, you will get it and grow into it (if someone like could, so can you!). So come feel the true bliss of the real meditation.

    But  for it to work, you need to take it a little seriously, try to get into a system of meditation from 2 – 5 minutes per day in the beginning, 30 minutes is even better – but only once one has learned not to struggle with the thoughts/mind. Come and check it out – try to start with an introductory course and I guarantee we can take you there. Come see see us and enjoy your Free Meditation.

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