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    Dog in Meditation



    What kind of meditation is this? Coffee Meditation?

    Every day can be crazy in this life of ours and there is so many things that are taking our attention. what ends up happening is that our attention gets scattered and it can be hard to feel relaxed. Have you ever felt like your mind just won’t stop thinking about what just happened or just won’t stop planning what is about to happen? Gotta go here, do this, gotta have that, I don’t like this or that?

    Meditation can help

    We teach people how to meditate and the best part is… it’s free!
    We follow the Sahaja Yoga method of meditation (that is right, it is meditation -I’ll explain the true Sanskrit meaning of the word Yoga in a future post) and in the beginning you might not experience a whole lot but within a week or two you will start to see results. First we awaken the energy within ourselves called Kundalini in Sanskrit. This healing energy is inside all of us and it is the way to meditation.

    Meditation Classes

    The classes are free and you will be with others like you that want to learn to meditate. Most of the time we sit in chairs but you are most welcome to bring a mat and sit on the floor. It is actually better to sit on the floor but if you are not comfortable… it is better to be comfortable. In the class we teach about all the Chakras, their qualities and many useful techniques that will help get you on your way in your new Self Realization. Click here for the ┬ámeditation details page.


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