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Subtle System Details

Subtle System Details

Have you been thinking about  meditation classes?

Well, you have come to the right place. Have you ever thought,  “How can I learn to meditate at home?”   Lucky for you, Sahaja Yoga has started a series of free meditation classes all over Saskatchewan. With some time and practice, these can take you into a well balanced emotional, intellectual and physical well-being. Lower levels of stress and anxiety,  improved decision making. Better focus and inner peace at work and especially at home are but a few benefits experienced by Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners and confirmed by scientific researches.

What type of free meditation classes?

Sahaja Yoga meditation classes are always free of charge because everything we need to meditate is present within us since the day we were born. So, right at the beginning, we can experience our Self Realization by awakening the energy inside that brings us to the meditative state.  In each class there will also be time to improve our thoughtless state in a relaxed setting, learn practical ways and techniques to meditate at home and deepen our understanding of the Sahaja Yoga method by watching videos.

Do I have to register for the free meditation classes?

Yes, by registering, you help us greatly in making sure we have availability. You can join in at any time – just come along. No prior knowledge or special clothing is necessary; everything will be explained. To register, all you have to do is send an email to an instructor near you (see our “classes & locations” page), telling us your name and that you would like to attend. We will reply to you confirming availability and time -that is all it takes.

Take a look at the intro video above from our parent website (www.freemeditation.com) or check our Locations Page for more details on how to attend live classes almost anywhere in Saskatchewan.

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